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Lake's Como jewels

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A jewel that embraces history, culture
and tradition of Lake Como.

The first to tell me about it was my grandpa Ottavio. "They are the "Ugit (little eyes)" he told me in dialect "the alevins of our lake, the babies of the freshwater fish, the ones that are all eyes!".

“UGIT Lago di Como™”was born from the idea of a Varenna's girl madly in love with her lake; it is made by an historical goldsmith workshop in Mandello; the silk is sewed by an experienced local seamstress.

The silk ribbon is made in Como, the silver evokes the traditional metalworking of Lecco. The colors are those that surround us: the light blue of the lake in a sunny day, the dark blue of its mysterious and fascinating depth, the brown of the mountains, the white of snow or of clouds staining the blue sky at the end of a windy day.
Colors and atmospheres that we seize every day, privileged local residents, without ever get used to this beauty.

“UGIT Lago di Como™” evokes the magic of our lake, one of the most beautiful places in the world.


Every jewel “UGIT Lago di Como™” is handmade in silver 925/1000, the brand is engraved on each piece and the logo identifies the only goldsmith manufacturer authorized production: Gioielleria Nani of Mandello del Lario, recently recognized by the Regione Lombardia as historic shop. It was founded in 1850

Where to buy

You can order by mail or by filling out the form below:

Or buy them directly at:

Mandello del Lario

Gioielleria Nani

Barzanò (Lecco)

Red's Redaelli Hotel


Three … how UGIT on the bracelet , as the three branches of Como Lake.