UGIT lago di Como®
A jewel that embraces history, culture and tradition of Lake Como.

The silk’s ribbon is from Como, the silver used evokes the oldest and most typical tradition of the Lecco’s area, the metal working.
The colors are those that surround us: the light blue of the lake in a sunny day, the dark blue of its mysterious and fascinating depth,the brown of the mountains, the white of snow or of clouds staining the blue sky at the end of a windy day.
Colors and atmospheres that many painters try to fix on their canvas. Colors and atmospheres that we seize every day, privileged local residents, without ever get used to this beauty.

“UGIT lago di Como®” celebrates the wonder of our lake, one of the most beautiful places in the world.

UGIT lago di Como® 100% laghèe

“we have plenty of fish, to differentiate it and make it unique I wanted that it was made entirely on Lake Como.
I drew the fish, they are simple and stylized. they are three like the three branches of the Lario, they are made here by the goldsmith of the Gioielleria Nani of Mandello, they are handmade with the antique technique of the lost wax. He forges one by one and then he manually smoothes them.The ribbons too are local: silk from the lake sewn manually by a local seamstress. It‘s absolutely the lake’s jewel, in fact there is written Made in Como Lake, not Made in Italy”

Gioielleria Nani, Mandello del Lario
Create jewelry, a passion long more than a century

For over four generations the Nani Jewelry has been involved with the planning and production of prestigious jewels that reflect the personality of the wearer.Their key words are experience, tradition and innovation, 10LC is the current goldsmith brand.
Each UGIT lago di Como®was born here… now you know why.

UGIT Lago di Como® the soul of the real “made in Como Lake”

With the brand “Lago di Como Un Mondo Unico al Mondo” the Chamber of Commerce and the Province of Como – Councilor for Tourism intend to strengthen the image of the territory through spreading a common image that represents its different souls: landscape, manufacturing production, tourism, services, innovation and art.

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