The idea

UGIT Lago di Como®
for those looking for a story inside everything

The first to tell me about was my granpa Ottavio. “They are the Ugit (little eyes)” he told me in dialect “the alevins from our lake, the babies of the freshwater fish, the ones that are  all eyes!”

So much enthusiasm, so many ideas and stories. This is Silvia Pecis, graphic designer, who divides her life among Lecco, where she lives, Mandello del Lario, where she works and Varenna where she grew up and her family live. Silvia is madly in love with Lake Como and Varenna.

UGIT Lago di Como was born from these memories and this passion, an accessories’ brand that wants to tell about Lario and to talk about historical memory, tradition, love and family bonds. A world of emotions in a small object to carry always with you.

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